Lessons in Computer Programming

Lessons in Computer Programming photo

In coordination with their STEAM-based lessons, second-grade students from Babylon Elementary School recently furthered their understanding of computer programming as they tried their hands with the wildly popular robots, “Ozobots.”

With assistance from STEAM instructor Emily Moran, the young engineers were instructed to map out a series of lines or codes on a piece paper using specially designed markers which led the pathway for the Ozobots. The students were able to give the Ozobots commands such as “Cruise,” “Nitro Boost” and “Spin,” depending on how they colored in the series of blocks on the pre-written line. Once the sequence was completed, they placed their Ozobots onto the pathway and watched the small robot follow commands and successfully make its way around the track. 

Ozobots are sweeping the nation amongst elementary-level students, as millions of units have been sold to date in an effort to introduce students to computer programming and coding at an early age.