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Earlier this month, students at Babylon Memorial Grade School were highly entertained during an educational and physically beneficial presentation of "The bFit Show," as hosted by Brian Richards.
The assembly, which blended elements of magic and comedy, helped educate students about making healthy food choices and the importance of exercise. Mr. Richards reinforced these strategies with a number of audience participation activities, stressing the importance of being fueled, active and creative throughout all of their endeavors.

The students were highly engaged throughout the course of the presentation, and joined one another in rounds of laughter during Mr. Richards’ humorous entertaining and educational show. 

"It made talking about health and fitness fun,” said sixth-grade student Jackson Maurino. “Mr. Richards taught us how different colors of vegetables have different benefits for our bodies."

"I thought the assembly was creative, the workout song he shared was fun, and his magic was funny,” said sixth-grade student Abigail Callahan.