World Read Aloud Day

 World Read Aloud Day photo
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In celebration of World Read Aloud Day, sixth-grade students from Babylon Memorial Grade School connected their classroom lessons to real-life experiences as they Skyped with children’s author Loree Griffin Burns in the school cafeteria.

After a brief introduction by library media specialist Lisa Lindeman, the entire sixth-grade class was greeted by Mrs. Griffin Burns as she greeted the school on a large projection screen. During the event, she spoke about her book, “Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam and the Science of Ocean Motion” with the engaged students. The nonfiction story is about Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who tracks garbage in the name of science, and studies the various forms of trash in an effort to better understand and protect the ocean. Additionally, the students asked Mrs. Griffin Burns insightful questions about her extensive research and the process of writing a book. 

Prior to the Skype session, sixth-grade science teacher Heather Hosek covered the topic of the Great Pacific garbage patch in her classes, giving the students valuable insight prior to their conversation with Mrs. Griffin Burns. Mrs. Hosek is also the adviser for the school’s recently implemented STEAM club, which will be taking part in a series of interesting initiatives throughout the coming months. 

“My favorite part of the book was how they studied the garbage buildup, and I liked how she answered some interesting questions for us during our Skype session,” said sixth-grade student Emmett Boxer. 

“I learned that a lot of companies are trying to help, and that the garbage patch is actually underneath the surface, when I thought it was on top the whole time,” said sixth-grader Alana Lewis.