Heading to ‘El Norte’

Heading to ‘El Norte’ photo
In an effort to put a technological twist on their Spanish language studies, 11th-grade students enrolled in Senora Jayne’s Spanish IV Class at Babylon Junior-Senior High School utilized the popular Quizlet application during a recent classroom activity.  

After engaging in a worksheet which asked them to match characters to their descriptions based on their viewing of the popular drama film “El Norte,” the students were assigned random groups to take part in a lightning-fast online quiz also pertaining to the film. With team names such as “Los Avestruces” (The Ostriches) and “Las Tortugas” (The Turtles), the students were tasked with answering a series of 10 Spanish-language questions in succession without error, with incorrect answers resulting in the penalty of having to start from the beginning again.

“El Norte” tells the tale of Guatemalan citizens who flee their tyrannical government rule in hopes of finding a better life in America. In addition to being a critically acclaimed film, it is widely incorporated into the world and foreign languages curriculum throughout the nation.