BHS Research Students Meet with Medical Professional

Kirby Pereira, a clinical pathologist from the American Society for Clinical Pathology, visited Babylon High School on Nov. 28 to provide a lesson to science research students about life as a medical laboratory specialist. She also detailed the steps that must be taken by students who desire careers in that field in New York State.
Pereira, who works for the Catholic Health Services of Long Island as a medical laboratory scientist specializing in microbiology, spoke at length about the various tests conducted in the field and described the patient-doctor interactions commonly dealt with in hospitals and medical labs. “There is a very high demand for medical laboratory scientists at this time, and the field is rapidly expanding,” said Babylon High School science research teacher Claire Birone. “The students left the presentation with a greater understanding what goes on behind the scenes at hospitals and what actually happens when doctors order tests to be run on patients. They also became more aware of careers in the sciences that will enable them to use their STEM training as part of the workforce.”
Pereira’s lesson included a brief PowerPoint presentation as well as simulated pathology tests such as blood typing and urinalysis. The students were given the opportunity to assist Pereira with the simulated tests.