Successes at the DECA NY State Career Conference


Forty-five Babylon Junior-Senior High School students enrolled in the Distributive Education Clubs of America recently competed among 2,300 high school students from across New York State at the 59th annual New York DECA State Career Conference on the weekend of March 5.

During their time spent at the conference, the students were able to amass a vast number of awards and accolades based on their efforts.

Babylon’s chapter received the Community Service award for contributions to the New York DECA charity of the national Alzheimer’s Association.

Additionally, eight Babylon students were inducted into the New York State DECA Honor Society for academic and DECA achievement. The district congratulates Kyra DeVoe, Abigail Erickson, George Glenday, Catie Hernandez, Lauren Jurs, Julia Kelleher, Madeline Stein and Kate Watral. 

A number of students also won the following top 10 awards and trophies: Erin Corcoran (Hotel & Lodging: Top 10 Role Play 1, Top 10 Role Play 2, Top 10 Overall, third place in New York State, $500 Scholarship from Johnson & Wales); Kate Hannon (Quick Serve Restaurant Management: Top 10 Test, Top 10 Role Play, Top 10 Overall, fifth place New York State); Lauren Jurs and Erin Conlon (Hospitality Services Team Decision Making: Top 10 Test, Top 10 Role Play, Top 10 Overall); Catie Hernandez (Business Services Marketing: Top 10 Test, Top 10 Role Play, Top 10 Overall); Kristen Szuchy (Restaurant & Food Service Management: Top 10 Test, Top 10 Role Play 1); Meghan Nachemin (Hotel & Lodging: Top 10 Test); Megan Burke (Restaurant & Food Service Management: Top 10 Test); Kyra DeVoe & Emily Nerney (Buying & Merchandising Team Decision Making: Top 10 Test); Darby Dreher (Marketing Communications: Top 10 Test); Matthew Ficken (Retail Merchandising: Top 10 Test); George Glenday (Sports & Entertainment Marketing: Top 10 Test); Brooke Greatsinger (Professional Selling-Financial Consulting: Top 10 Test); Julia Kelleher (Financial Literacy: Top 10 Test); Joe Conti (Financial Literacy: Top 10 Test); Nick Buonagura and Heather Falconer (Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making: Top 10 Role Play). 

Due to their successes at past competitions, both Erin Corcoran and Kate Hannon will be competing at the DECA International Career Development Conference from April 27–30 at Orlando, Florida.