Youth Art Month

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In recognition of the Council for Art Education’s Youth Art Month, students enrolled in both Patricia Stork’s and Cheryl Schweider’s art classes at Babylon Junior-Senior High School are taking part in a series of fun and engaging art projects.

During lunch periods, students were encouraged to assist in painting a community-driven “paint by numbers” canvas. The finished product will display a beautiful field of flowers once all of the designated sections have been filled in. 

In an effort to enhance their familiarity with film photography, students worked on a project in which they take a photo of a fellow classmate, along with an object of their choosing. Taking the negatives from both photographs, the students then merge the two together to form a beautiful layered image.

In coordination with “The Umbrella Project,” students expanded their artistic visions by adding splashes of color and imagination to blank umbrellas. The students chose to create designs such as dragons, the moon and the sun and geometric shapes for their projects.
In honor of the Babylon School District’s Panther logo, the students also created a large sculpture in the image of the exotic feline. As an added twist, those involved with the project have added old computer parts, such as loose keys throughout the length of its body, along with computer mice serving as the panther’s paws.