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As a means of baking delicious treats and gaining real-world financial knowledge along the way, eighth-grade students enrolled in Jenna Schwartz’s Family and Consumer Sciences classes at Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently participated in a fun and educational Food Truck Challenge. 

For the challenge, each group brainstormed and came up with a company name, along with a signature dish for their food truck. They then completed a business plan which included the recipe of their signature dish, a menu, a budget, team goals, and a marketing scheme that included a logo, slogan, color scheme and advertising techniques.

Once the business plan was complete, they met with their “investor” aka Ms. Schwartz, and pitched their food truck/company idea for approval. With their raw materials at their disposal, the students cooked and baked their signature dish in class and then plated their dish the following day for the “selling day.” 

All teachers are invited to the classroom to vote on the best marketing scheme, along with choosing one product to purchase with mock currency. After the sales were made, the students counted their profit and paid back Ms. Schwartz for the initial “money” she invested.
It’s a great project, and the students are not only learning so much along the way, but they are having a great time while doing it,” said Ms. Schwartz.