Full STEAM Ahead

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Sixth grade students from the Babylon Memorial Grade School recently finished up their 10-week tenure in Heather Hosek’s STEAM Club, as they spent their time in the after-school club reinforcing their skill sets in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Coding with the popular “Ozobot” devices, the young engineers mapped out a series of lines or codes on a piece paper using specially designed markers which led the pathway for the small devices. Their goal was to work collaboratively in an effort to clean up “debris” from the polluted ocean environments they created by using a number of arts and crafts materials. The underwater ecosystems were brought to life as the students added their own special take of sea urchins, nautical creatures and coral to their projects. 

 The students were able to give the Ozobots commands such as “cruise,” “nitro boost” and “spin,” depending on how they colored in the series of blocks on the pre-written line. As a means of troubleshooting their Ozobots’ pathway through the ocean floor, trial and error methods were utilized in the Ozoblocky computer program in order to successfully calibrate their robots. 

Working as a team, the students then fashioned various devices such as shovels and pullies which could easily be attached to the Ozobots in order to clean up the “debris” from the ocean floor.