‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’

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Students at the Babylon Memorial Grade School viewed their reflections in a positive way due to the recently installed “Mirror Wall” which hangs on the school hallway for all to see.

With assistance from technology teacher Danielle Weis, the wall was created not for vanity purposes, but so that students begin to see themselves as a leader; harboring the qualities of a smart, empowered, determined, kind person with positive future aspirations. 

“Our goal is for students to look at themselves in a positive way and see their futures as bright and prosperous,” said Mrs. Weis. “I randomly selected one student from grades 3-5 and those students had an opportunity to add splashes of color to mirror frames.” 

The frames now hang on the hallway for all to see, with the wonderful caption "Leader, Leader, on the wall, there’s a leader in us all!” lining the top of the installation.