Students Honored By School Board

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Babylon’s Long Island championship-winning football and girls volleyball teams were both honored at the Dec. 17 board of education meeting at Babylon High School.
The board also presented certificates to the Babylon high school musicians who participated in the NYSCAME/SCMEA All-County Festival on Nov. 16 at Northport High School, as well as to the students who were selected to have their artwork displayed at this year’s NYSSBA conference in Rochester, N.Y. Samantha Gerdes, Colleen McKeown, Kathryn Oman and Matthew Taggart were the musicians honored, and Genny Gravina, Carolanne Murphy and Miranda Richards earned recognition for their art contributions.
Also recognized was Kerry Glenday, the recipient of the New York State Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Suffolk Zone award. “We had a tremendous fall season in all areas,” said Babylon Board President Dominic Bencivenga. “The school board is extremely proud of these students, as the achievements this year were very significant.”
Superintendent of Schools Richard Rozakis also had kind words for the students. “I’m very pleased to welcome some of our students who have made great achievements in music, art and physical education,” Rozakis said. “It’s also with great admiration and appreciation that we honor the achievements of our Long Island champion volleyball team and our undefeated varsity football team.”