Students Use iPads for Scavenger Hunt

Babylon elementary students learned how to use iPads and QR codes during a recent Gingerbread Man scavenger hunt at the elementary school.
After comparing versions of the Gingerbread Man in their classrooms, Babylon Elementary media specialist Lisa Ann Lindeman shared with the students Laura Murray’s “The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School.” As a culminating event, Babylon Elementary art teacher Patricia Stork joined Lindeman and the students for a technology scavenger hunt throughout the school. Students used iPads to scan QR codes in the building to receive clues as to where the Gingerbread Man was hiding in the school.  
At each stop, they tried different types of iPad activities. Their adventure included using an app and stylus to color a Gingerbread Man, viewing a video book trailer, listening to an e-reader version of the Gingerbread Man narrated by a special guest and watching an animated movie created by Stork featuring the Gingerbread Man in the elementary school computer lab. “They even received a humorous message from the famous character himself,” Lindeman said. “Our first-graders loved the story. It was a sweet time for everyone!”
iPads inspire creativity and hands-on learning with features that include key components for students to become true 21st century learners. The tablets are expanding the learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom, as they provide interactive lessons, study aids and productivity tools. The district recognizes how important it is for students to have the opportunity to study and learn using these devices.