Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills

Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills  thumbnail135556

Students enrolled in Claire Reilly’s Virtual Enterprise Class at the Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently embarked upon a tower building team exercise in an effort to strengthen their problem-solving skills. 

Based upon a theory explained in a TED Talk by author Tom Wujec, students had 18 minutes to build a tower with a limited number of supplies such as spaghetti, masking tape, string and marshmallows, with the objective to build the highest tower with the marshmallow resting on top. According to Mrs. Reilly, this exercise proved to be a lot of fun for the students, and simultaneously helped to illustrate how much work is involved in problem-solving and product development. 

The Virtual Enterprise course provides an opportunity for students to create their own product, run their own business and sell to other Virtual Enterprise firms on Long Island, New York, the United States and abroad. Students are tasked with various responsibilities and assume corporate roles such as CEO, CFO, COO, network administrator, marketing administrator, human resources director, payroll manager and more.