High School Hosts SCPD K-9 Unit Demonstration

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Elizabeth Quinn’s criminal justice class at Babylon High School has been busy learning about police procedures, and the students’ lesson plan “came to life” with a demonstration by officers from Suffolk County Police Department’s K-9 Unit.
Officers Gomez, O’Brien and Teufel spoke to the students about law enforcement duties, and how canines are used for the apprehension of fleeing criminals, bomb searches and illegal drug eradication. The officers brought three police dogs with them for the assembly to provide students with a better understanding of their playful nature and exactly how they are utilized in law enforcement. They explained it’s a common misconception that police canines are vicious “junkyard dogs” that like to bite people, when in fact they are well-trained animals that will only attack when commanded to do so by an officer.
The students had the opportunity to ask the officers questions, and Officer Gomez provided advice on applying to the police academy to several students who indicated they were interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.