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Fine Arts

Charles Leech, K-12 Director of Fine Arts


Message from the Department Director

Welcome to the Babylon Schools Fine Arts Department Webpage. This webpage will provide students, families, and the community, with a greater understanding and awareness of the music program in our schools. Included on the sidebar are sub-pages with useful information.

Being involved in the visual and performing arts is a valuable experience for all children. The intrinsic values the arts possess can be transferred to many other areas of our life outside of school. The arts help develop fine-motor skills, self-discipline, build upon collaborative skills, improve listening and communication skills, as well as build self-confidence and further imagination through creativity.

It is our goal to give our students a well-rounded arts education that looks to develop the social, emotional, and academic needs of our students. It is also our goal that our students gain a deeper appreciation of art and music so that they may continue to have both an understanding and love of music for the rest of their lives.

Yours in the Arts,
Charles Leech
K-12 Director of Fine Arts