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Karen Bustamante
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As established by law and public vote, transportation is provided for students as follows:

  • Students in grades kindergarten through six - those living three quarters (3/4) of a mile or more from the school they attend may take the school bus.
  • Students in grades seven and eight - those living two miles or more from the school they attend.
  • Students in grades nine through twelve - those living three miles or more from the school they attend.
Transportation to private and special schools is provided within the framework of the New York Education Law. Requests for transportation must be received before April 1. Proof of age may be requested. Legal Ref: Ed. Law Section 3635.


School bus code of behavior

Students should consider the use of school buses to be a privilege. In the use of Babylon's buses, it is expected that the following rules be observed:

  1. All riders will conduct themselves as young ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Wait in an orderly line off the roadway and do not destroy private property.
  3. Be on time for the bus. On days when road conditions are bad, do not expect the bus to be exactly on time.
  4. Take a seat on the bus and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  5. Obey the driver's suggestions promptly and courteously.
  6. Remember that loud talking or laughing or unnecessary confusion can momentarily divert the bus driver's attention, which may result in an accident.
  7. Keep head, arms and hands inside the bus at all times.
  8. Help keep your school bus clean and sanitary.
  9. Be courteous to fellow students and the bus driver. Remember we are all working for everyone's health and safety.
  10. Treat school bus equipment as you treat valuable property and possessions in your own home.
  11. Remain seated until the bus stops to unload. Upon leaving the bus, wait for a signal from the bus driver and then cross the road in front of the vehicle.
  12. Keep hands off emergency door and equipment.
  13. There is no smoking allowed.
  14. Never run toward a school bus while it's in motion.
  15. Nothing is to be dropped or thrown from a bus.
  16. In case of accident or any other emergency (fire), students should not leave the bus or site of the emergency unless directed by the driver or other authorized authority.
  17. Students should always wear seat belts.