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A Virtual Tour of China

Student with life-sized model of a terracotta warrior thumbnail216927

Students in Ms. Mueller and Mrs. Gamble’s class at Babylon Grade School recently studied life in China as part of their social studies curriculum. Students took virtual trips to special events and landmarks in China. They visited the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warrior pits, the Wolong Panda Reserve and the parades of Chinese New Year. Students also had the unique opportunity to take a picture with a life-sized model of a terracotta warrior.

Date Added: 5/13/2022

Babylon Grade School Joins Fight Against ALS

Photo of a student with Chris Pendergast thumbnail216280
Chris Pendergast speaks to students gathered in the gymnasium thumbnail216281
Chris Pendergast speaks to students gathered in the gymnasium thumbnail216282

Students at Babylon Grade School had a special visit from members of the ALS Ride for Life team during an assembly on April 13. ALS Ride for Life was founded in 1997 as a patient-driven, volunteer organization with the mission of raising research funds to find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, while also raising awareness and services for those with the disease. The organization has since raised more than $10 million.

On April 13, students and staff at Babylon Grade School wore pajamas to school to “Put ALS to Bed” and collected donations for the organization. Paul Weisman visited the school to speak to the students about his disease and some of the challenges of ALS. Founder Chris Pendergast started the organization with the mission of teaching people about the disease while riding all over Long Island. Since May is ALS Awareness month, members of ALS Ride for Life plan to ride again while stopping to visit schools across Long Island. Mr. Weisman reminded students in Babylon to “never give up, never lose hope and always be willing to defy the odds.”

Date Added: 4/29/2022

Annual Science Fair Showcases Creativity at Babylon Grade School

An Honorable Mention recipient smiles in front of their project. thumbnail216271

On April 6, students in grades 3-6 at Babylon Grade School showed off their love of science during the school’s annual science fair. Their creativity, ingenuity and love of learning was on display as friends and family viewed the students’ work during the evening event in the school’s gymnasium.

The following day, Babylon Grade School students toured the projects and even had a chance to engage some of the hands-on experiments on display. Participation in the science fair is optional. Five finalists were chosen per grade level and were judged by science teachers. The winners will move onto the next round at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Congratulations to the winning projects for each grade level: Anthony Morales (third grade), Cathryn Doherty (fourth grade), Michael Schappert (fifth grade) and Elizabeth Doherty (sixth grade).

Date Added: 4/25/2022

History Lesson for Fourth Graders During In-House Field Trip

Two students help teacher hold up a Native American artifact thumbnail215793
Teacher talks to a large group of students about Native American history thumbnail215794
Teacher and two students hold up a Native American artifact thumbnail215795
Teacher holds two Native American artifacts while explaining Native American history thumbnail215796
Three students make their own clay pots thumbnail215797
Student smiles at the camera while holding clay bowl they made thumbnail215798
Three students show off the clay bowls they are making thumbnail215799
Two students show their clay bowls while smiling thumbnail215800
Two students show off the clay bowls they are making thumbnail215801
In conjunction with their recent social studies unit, fourth graders at Babylon Grade School participated in an in-school field trip with a recent visit from the Journeys in Native American Territory program. Students looked at artifacts and engaged in Native American storytelling and games. After learning about some of the rules of the Haudenosaunee tribe, the students participated in a government powwow. The fourth graders made their own clay bowls and also took a virtual tour of a longhouse.

Date Added: 4/11/2022

Workshops Take a Step Back in Time

Student smiles while posing with a loom thumbnail215745

Fourth graders at Babylon Grade School participated in hands-on workshops in late March courtesy of the school’s Parent-Teacher Association’s cultural arts program. Benner’s Farm from Setauket visited the school to teach about life during colonial times. The workshops focused on the life experiences of colonial children. Students carded wool and used a drop spindle to turn the wool into yarn. They made a spinning top, a popular toy of colonial children, that helped them learn how to use the drop spindle. The students were able to use a loom to learn weaving. At the calligraphy and painting station, students used feather quill pens to write their names and painted using stencils. After grinding corn to make cornmeal on the stone, they sampled some corn cakes.

Date Added: 4/8/2022