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Pumpkins Packed with Personalities

Student Holding a Mini Pumpkin thumbnail207100
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Fourth graders in Ms. Malone’s class at Babylon Grade School learned about using character traits during a recent English language arts lesson. Students practiced using character traits by writing about themselves. It was a great way for them to get to know one another and celebrate their differences. In addition, students turned their pumpkins into characters. The pumpkins not only had names and wore accessories, they each had their own unique personalities and complex character traits.

Adopt a Pumpkin This Fall

Students Holding Their Journal Entries and Their Pet Pumpkin thumbnail207096
Students Holding Their Journal Entries and Their Pet Pumpkin thumbnail207097
Students Holding Their Journal Entries and Their Pet Pumpkin thumbnail207098
Two Babylon Grade School fourth graders in Ms. Arcoleo and Ms. Gentile’s class recently participated in the adopt-a-pet pumpkin project. The students took care of their pet pumpkins for a week and wrote daily journal entries from their pumpkin’s point of view. At the end of the week, the students shared their writing with the class.

Recycled Rovers

students sitting at their desks with their collectively made mars rover project thumbnail206295

Mrs. Hosek’s sixth grade scientists at Babylon Grade School exercised their engineering skills by designing and building Mars rovers out of recycled materials. They utilized their critical thinking skills by testing and revising their rovers several times to improve their design. Students then followed the scientific method while racing each other, collecting and analyzing data. The culminating activity was a tournament-style race that included the entire sixth grade as spectators.

Babylon Grade School Spreads Kindness

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Babylon Memorial Grade School came together in a sea of orange as they celebrated Unity Day on Oct. 20. Students took a kindness pledge and then created a donut with a message on how they would show kindness. The messages from the entire student body filled the donut wall in the school’s hallway, each grade in a different color. Working with the school’s mental health team for push-in lessons, the students learned about how kindness looks like in their school community, choosing to be kind, and focusing on the positive. Even little gestures can make a big difference, they learned.

Babylon’s Homecoming Celebrations End with a Victory

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Beautiful fall weather ushered in the homecoming festivities for the Babylon School District on Oct. 23. Starting with a pep rally on Friday, the Saturday celebrations began with the Athletic Wall of Fame inductions of Robert Mayo, Hans Wiederkehr and the 1997 Long Island champion varsity football team.

Following the athletic inductions, the fifth annual Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame celebration commenced at Babylon Junior-Senior High School’s Rowe Hall, where four new members were inducted. This year’s honorees included Wayne Horsley (retired NYS elected official/Class of 1968), the late Thelma “Butterfly” McQueen (actress and Daytime Emmy Award winner/Class of 1929), Bert Pedersen (businessman and entrepreneur/Class of 1951) and the late Robert Weeks (U.S. Navy captain/Class of 1947). 

“Today’s honorees’ deeds and characters exemplify outstanding achievement in their life’s work and/or service to their communities,” said Babylon School District’s Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi. “We believe the recipients of this honor stand as shining examples for current, as well as future, Babylon generations and are looked up to as people to someday emulate.”

Following the ceremony, the local community organizations joined together with the members of the Babylon School District for a homecoming parade filled with a sea of orange through the streets. The crowd cheered as the youngest members of the football and cheerleading organizations joined together with the members of the varsity squads. The homecoming royalty paraded through in convertible cars and waved at the crowd. This year’s floats were themed to represent the elements – fire, water, wind and earth – and at halftime, the senior class was recognized with the best float award for their fire display. 

For the football game, the Panthers played host to Hampton Bays. The Baymen were able to secure one touchdown in the first quarter but after that, the game belonged to the Panthers. Babylon took the homecoming victory 41-6.

The Babylon cheerleaders dazzled the crowd with their performance throughout the game and during halftime, followed by a performance by the members of the band. To conclude the halftime festivities, the members of the homecoming court were recognized. Luca Giammarino and Lily Hagan were crowned homecoming king and queen, respectively.