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New Activities for Recess Fun

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Continuing with its work to teach students about the importance of leading healthy lifestyles, Babylon Memorial Grade School introduced a series of new recess activities and games to students this September.

Two colorful beanbag checkerboards, two refreshed hopscotch stations and two foursquare games now brighten up the playground’s blacktop, and several pieces of large group equipment have been added to the daily options. A reorganized structure for large group games now calls for students to take on leadership roles as referees, which enables them to help peers learn new activities and gives those with medical limitations the ability to remain involved in the day’s events. The school also plans to start a walking club during recess times in the upcoming weeks, during which students will have the chance to track their steps using pedometers.

“Previously, students who were not interested in taking part in the large group game [soccer or football] would have a limited number of options to keep active during recess times,” explained guidance counselor Francesca Johnson, who coordinated the refurbishment project. “These increased options now provide an outlet for all students to participate in something of interest to them.”

The new activities were introduced at the start of the year and will be updated as weather calls for more indoor recesses.

A neighboring Girl Scout troop aided in the painting of the blacktop surfaces, and supplies for the project were donated by the Home Depot and Walmart in Farmingdale.

Sunday, January 26, 2020