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Educating Peers on Library Resources

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Babylon Memorial Grade School fifth-graders helped their third-grade peers better understand the nonfictional resources in their school library’s collection by creating informational commercials with the help of school library media specialist Lisa Lindeman.

For the project, the students worked in small groups to research the 10 areas of the nonfiction section and write scripts to explain each of the items. After finalizing their written pieces, the students worked with Ms. Lindeman to tape their commercials. The final videos, which can be seen on the school’s Vimeo channel, were viewed and critiqued by the fifth-grade class before being used as teaching tools for the third-graders.

The exercises allowed the students to refresh their understanding of this section of the library, as well as enhance their collaboration, public speaking, creative and literacy skills.
Saturday, January 18, 2020