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A Lasting Memory

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Babylon High School National Art Honor Society members helped create personal mementos for orphans living in Haiti through the nationally run Memory Project. As part of their participation in the project, the students created portraits for children based on photographs provided through the organization. As a commemorative thank you, the artists will receive a photograph of the recipients displaying the artwork in their hometown.
“This project is a great way for our students to use their artwork to make connections around the world,” said NAHS adviser Cheryl Schweider. “They enjoy receiving the photos back with the children holding their drawings or paintings.”

The idea behind the Memory Project is to provide children who do not have many personal belongings a lasting, positive memento from their childhood. The school’s NAHS has partnered with the Memory Project twice a year since 2006 and has created more than 100 portraits to date. Over the years, the finalized pieces have been shared with children in Cambodia, Haiti, Nicaragua and Burma.
Sunday, January 26, 2020