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Steps Add Up to Fun

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Babylon Memorial Grade School students are working to stay fit while having fun as they take part in the school’s new walking club.

The program, open to all students, runs once a week and features of number of fun activities rooted in walking. Previously, members participated in a scavenger hunt and obstacle course, among other activities.

Using pedometers, the students track and log the number of steps they take during the activities and are rewarded when they achieve different benchmarks. After a mile, walkers names are read over the loud speaker. After five miles, their names are listed on paper footprints in the cafeteria, and after 20,000 steps, they receive a charm for their shoelaces.

As a kickoff to the first meeting, students had the chance to guess how many steps it would take to walk a mile. Those who guessed correctly, or close, were rewarded with a reusable water bottle.

The school began introducing new recess activities last school year, and has continued that effort this year with an equipment drive.

Sunday, January 26, 2020