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Showcasing Research

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After months of hard work and dedication, Babylon High School juniors Jack Corcoran and Ryan Cosgro presented their authentic research projects at this year’s Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, the Intel-affiliated science fair on Long Island.  

Jack’s project, “The effects of pharmaceuticals on the hunting success of Phidippus regius,” focuses on how the improper disposal of household chemicals can impact jumping spiders – some of the smallest members of the local ecosystem – and how affecting the spiders will have further-reaching effects on the ecosystem as a whole. Ryan’s project, “Determining the optimal conditions for biolipid production in Chlorella pyrendiosa,” seeks to determine under what conditions (temperature, pH, etc.) photosynthetic algae are best able to produce a biolipid that could be processed into a novel type of biofuel and help reduce fossil fuel dependency.  

This was both students’ first time competing at an Intel-affiliated fair, and they represented their school and district well!

Sunday, February 23, 2020