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Publishers Walk the Red Carpet

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Babylon Elementary School rolled out the red carpet this June to celebrate the writing achievements of the first- and second-grade book publishing club members.

The club, which met under the direction of school media specialist Teri Polis, worked through the year to learn firsthand about the book publishing process and the journey to becoming a printed author.

Seeking inspiration from Dr. Seuss’s book “If I Ran the Zoo…”, the second-grade students researched animals they would like to see in a zoo, wrote and illustrated pieces for a book they called “Our Interesting Zoo.” The first-grade students researched a topic of interest and created entries for their book “Amazing Fun Facts.” The students sought inspiration from the school’s subscription-based databases, Scholastic’s PebbleGo Animals, Science, Social Studies and Biographies.

Proud family members and friends gathered during the celebration to hear excerpts from the two published books and help celebrate the writing advancements the students have made over the year.

Sunday, February 23, 2020