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Miles Add Up

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Babylon Memorial Grade School’s Walking Club celebrated the thousands of steps its members took throughout the year toward leading a healthy lifestyle. The school congratulated the following walkers and presented each top walker with a commemorative certificate to honor their accomplishments. 

Third Grade:
Bailey Becker 12,250
Kayla Casale 11,600    
Olivia Consentino 10,000
Sofia Conti 13,000
Brooke Gengler 12, 250
Elizabeth Orifici 10,000
Cassandra Roberts 14,250    
Cameron Wright 11,000    
Top Walker for Third Grade: Kayla Hayes 15,250

Fourth Grade:
Natalie Lutz 10,750    
Lisa Petraitis 10,500    
Top Walker for Fourth Grade: Sofia Weiss 13,000

Fifth Grade:
Samantha Cannetti 17,450    
Lily Hagan 10,250        
Gregory Herbst 11,250        
Rebecca Scharf 10,250    
Top Walker for Fifth Grade and for the entire Babylon Grade School: Molly Baldwin 18,250

Sixth Grade:
Alexa Boniberger 10,500    
Kayle Boyce 11,750
Mary DiPalma 10,750        
Sarah McDonough 15,500    
Autumn Rodriguez 11,250    
Ashaunna Simpson 13,650    
Breanna White 15,000
Top Walker for Sixth Grade: Ashley Darcy 16,000

Saturday, January 18, 2020