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Food Pantry Shares Lessons in Giving

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Students at Babylon Elementary learned about where their food donations go and how they can help their neighbors in need this holiday season thanks to a special visit on Nov. 23 from Madeline Quintyne, the Town of Babylon’s Commissioner of the Department of Human Services.

At the elementary school, each month has a different kindness theme and November’s theme is tied to giving, both at school and in the larger Babylon community.

“In order to connect the themes of student donations, giving and community, we invited representatives from the Babylon Food Pantry here to speak to the students and teach them a little about how food pantries work and what happens after they make a food donation,” said Principal Jessica Kemler.

Babylon Elementary collected food throughout November to make baskets for Babylon families in need. All the extra donations were sent to the Babylon Food Pantry.

Saturday, January 18, 2020