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BOE Recognitions

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Babylon’s mid-October Board of Education business meeting was full of recognitions for both staff and students.

The night began with the recognition of the current Babylon Junior-Senior High School students who were named Advanced Placement Scholars. These students were commended for their academic dedication and presented with commemorative certificates. AP Scholar awards are bestowed upon students by the College Board based on the number of AP exams taken and the scores they received on the tests.

Babylon Junior-Senior High School football coach Rick Punzone was celebrated for recently being named a New York Jets High School Coach of the Week by Chase. Under his leadership, the team has won five Long Island and 12 Suffolk County championships, all within the past 20 years.

To finish up the evening’s recognitions, the Board of Education members were recognized for their selfless volunteer work toward the community and numerous hours given to ensure that students are getting the best education possible. The representatives were given many tokens of appreciation throughout the night, but perhaps the most memorable was Babylon Memorial Grade School’s gift of red superhero capes and a presentation portraying various members of the Babylon school community as superheroes.

Sunday, February 23, 2020