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An Anti-Bullying Lesson

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Officer George Lynagh of Suffolk County Police Department's Community Outreach Bureau paid a visit to Babylon Memorial Grade School on Feb. 9 to teach students a valuable anti-bullying lesson. The visit served to reinforce the school-community partnership as an extension of the district’s character education program.
"It's a school resource officer program," Lynagh said of the initiative. "It reaches from the elementary school all the way up to the high school level. Today at the grade school, I'm teaching the third-graders a lesson on internet safety and the fourth-graders a lesson on bullying."
 Lynagh wanted the students to remember that there are many different types of bullying – including emotional, verbal and physical – so it's important to watch for the early signs of it. "We teach from a police officer’s point-of-view, and we talk a lot about consequences, both of bullying and internet use." The students learned that it's always better to be a buddy than a bully.
Monday, April 06, 2020