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Exploring New Languages

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Students enrolled in both Foreign Language and English as A New Language courses throughout the Babylon School District continue to make bountiful strides toward mastering new languages, due to the help of engaging activities and robust instruction from district staff.

At Babylon Junior-Senior High School, ENL students and their parents were invited to attend a presentation on the district’s new ENL program. Throughout the workshop, presenters Rebecca Cifelli, BHS guidance counselor, and ENL teachers Elizabeth Barry and Kyle Cropsey provided parents with information regarding graduation requirements, grading, testing and an introduction to school personnel who work directly with their children. 

Additionally, to showcase one aspect of the program, the students took what they learned about the Thanksgiving holiday and gave a presentation to the attendees, explaining its origin and traditions. For these students, this curricular project served as their first introduction to the American holiday and the customs many families follow when celebrating the day. 

Sixth-grade students from Babylon Memorial Grade School enrolled in Melody Wubbenhorst’s World Languages program showcased their skills in the French language by identifying school-related items such as books, pens and calculators. Throughout the course of the World Languages program, the students take French during the first semester, and study Spanish during the second semester.

“As they progress in the World Languages Program at the grade school, students work on foundation skills and grow comfortable with the language pronunciation along with cultural connections,” said Babylon School District Director of World Languages Michelle Scharff.  “The students work in thematic units of study with a strong emphasis on communication skills and have fun doing so.”

Saturday, January 18, 2020