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A Tour of Stony Brook University Hospital

A Tour of Stony Brook University Hospital photo thumbnail121024
Ninth-grade students in Claire Birone’s science classes from the Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently spent time alongside the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition as they toured the new Stony Brook University Cancer Center and MART facility. 

During their visit, the students met with Christopher Clarke, Ph.D., assistant professor of research in medicine, who did a presentation on sphingolipids and cancer.

“Our students had a wonderful day, and definitely got a lot out of the experience,” said Mrs. Birone. “The researchers were really impressed by the knowledge and passion of our students, and some of them have even signed up as hospital volunteers this summer as a result of their day there.”

Babylon had the pleasure of being the first group of high school students to be invited into the new MART facility, which is the result of a long-standing relationship with the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition and the Stony Brook Cancer Center staff. 

Thursday, July 09, 2020