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Serving Tennis Dreams Toward Reality

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The Babylon School District is thrilled to announce that Babylon Junior-Senior High School Junior Jaden Rupolo was selected to be a ball person for the U.S. Open currently taking place at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center through early September. 

Jaden, who began playing tennis in the eighth grade, currently plays on Babylon Junior-Senior High School’s varsity tennis team. 

In order to be selected as a ball person for the 2019 U.S. Open, Jaden went through a rigorous selection process. More than 500 hopefuls from 15 states tried out, and out of that amount, only 150 individuals were selected to advance, including Jaden himself. During the tryout and callback rounds, the officials simulated what would be required of him during a match, such as retrieving the ball from the net, rolling it to the other ball person and tossing it to the players.

"As an avid tennis player, it's an honor to be a ball person at the U.S. Open,” said Jaden. “I knew going into this process that the odds of making it were slim, but I am so glad I made the cut; it's very exciting to be on the same court with the greatest tennis players in the world."

It is Jaden’s goal to earn a tennis scholarship in order to further pursue both his studies and love for the sport at the collegiate level. Starting in the fall, he will go back to training five times a week in an effort to continue to improve his game. He also plans on competing in local U.S. Tennis Association tournaments.
Sunday, August 09, 2020