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Combining STEAM with Social Studies

Combining STEAM with Social Studies photo thumbnail136076

Students in Brittany Mueller’s and Samantha Czeczotka’s third grade class at Babylon Memorial Grade School recently combined their engineering skills with their knowledge of the United States in order to complete a fun and informative STEAM project with instructor Emily Moran.

Prior to gathering in the school’s designated STEAM classroom, the students were engaged in a social studies lessons in their regular classroom. During these lessons, they learned the geographical locations of major United States landmarks, including the Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty and Golden Gate Bridge. 

Applying their knowledge of the geographical locations, the students utilized Ozobot technology to map a route across the United States using precise codes and sequences. The students successfully commanded their Ozobots to slow down, speed up and turn in order to pay a visit to each significant location along the way. Additionally, the students assisted Ms. Moran in creating miniature three-dimensional replicas of the locations using the school’s 3D printer. 

In the future, the students are going to add a literary element to the project by creating their very own stories about the initiative. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2021