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NYSSMA Solo Festival

Dear Music Students and Parents:

This letter outlines the necessary information for Babylon students interested in attending the NYSSMA Solo Festival or, in the case of some 10th and 11th graders, auditioning for the All-State Festival.

This year’s NYSSMA solo festivals for our area will take place on the following dates:
• Jazz Solos, All-State Jazz Auditions, Classical Guitar and Drum Set Solos: March 25 and 26 at West Islip Schools.
• Classical Solos, All-State Classical Auditions, and Classical Piano Solos: April 29 and 30 at Connetquot High School.

The due dates for the applications and fees are:
Friday, February 4th for Jazz Solos, All-State Jazz Auditions, Classical Guitar Solos and Drum Set Solos.
Friday, March 4th for all other solos and including Piano and All-State Auditions for non-jazz musicians.

Participation in the NYSSMA festival is intended to provide students with feedback on their progress. Based on their scores, students can be recommended for All-County ensembles or the Long Island String Festival. NYSSMA scores are also useful when applying for other musical activities outside of Babylon and for inclusion in college applications.

Students who are interested in participating in the NYSSMA Festival should select an appropriate solo from the NYSSMA manual with the help of their school or private music teacher. Due to copyright laws, students must obtain two original copies of their solo; photocopies are expressly forbidden.

Please note that your school music teacher is responsible for registering your child for the festival and selecting an appropriate level solo if he/she does not have a private music teacher. NYSSMA solo preparation is not worked on during in-school lessons or instrumental rehearsals. Solo preparation is the responsibility of the student to be worked on outside of school. The help of a private music teacher is highly recommended.

Please note that vocal students and all All-State level participants will require a piano
accompaniment for their solo. It is the students’ responsibility to arrange for their accompanist.

This should be done through their private teacher (if applicable) or with the help of their school music teacher. Vocal students who are not doing an All-State audition may use a recorded accompaniment (WITHOUT VOCALS).

All participating students should fill out the appropriate application distributed by your student’s music teacher. Please make all checks payable to BHS Music and put “NYSSMA 2022” in the memo section of the check. Cash payments will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your student’s music teacher or the Director of Fine Arts at 893-7909 or via email at


Charles Leech
Director of Fine Arts
& The Music Department Staff

Date Added: 1/14/2022


Holidays Around the World with Babylon Grade School Students

student working on a laptop thumbnail209256
student making a note on the smartboard thumbnail209257
student making a note on the smartboard thumbnail209258
student working on a laptop thumbnail209259
student working on a laptop thumbnail209260
student working on a laptop thumbnail209261
During their technology class with Ms. Moran, the sixth graders at Babylon Grade School are learning about different holiday celebrations around the world. Using their ProBook computers, the students took notes and annotated text using OneNote and also created graphics using SmartArt. Each student researched their one holiday – which include Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Las Posadas – and learned about the location, food/decorations, the festivities and other pertinent information.

Design Is Key During Snowflake STEAM Activity

student dropping a paper snowflake thumbnail209240
students cutting paper to make snowflakes thumbnail209241
students sitting on floor making paper snowflakeswfl thumbnail209242
student holding his paper snowflake up high about to drop it thumbnail209243
student holding her paper snowflake up high about to drop it thumbnail209244
student holding his paper snowflake up high about to drop it thumbnail209245
student holding his paper snowflake up high about to drop it thumbnail209246
student holding his paper snowflake up high about to drop it thumbnail209247
student holding his paper snowflake up high about to drop it thumbnail209248
student dropping a paper snowflake thumbnail209249
The fourth graders in Ms. Malone’s class at Babylon Grade School recently participated in a hands-on STEAM activity by making their own snowflakes. Students were challenged with designing a snowflake that falls as slowly as possible from a set height. Using one piece of paper, the students had to make a minimum of three cuts to the folded paper. Working in small groups, the students discussed what factors would make the snowflake fall slower and tested their creations. They recorded the drop time of their snowflakes and averaged it out over five times. They then had the opportunity to improve and retest their designs.

Public Notice of Committee Meetings


Babylon DECA Students Shine at Regionals

70 Babylon School District’s DECA students thumbnail209020
Students Holding Up DECA Shirts thumbnail209021
From Dec. 6-9, 70 Babylon School District’s DECA students competed in the Suffolk DECA regional competition. Although virtual this year, the students once again performed at a very high level.

DECA is a co-curricular student organization that helps students prepare for careers in finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and sales. Congratulations to the following students who won awards: First place: Lexie Lewis ¬– Business Services Marketing; Brennan O’Halloran and Cal Ringstead – Travel and Tourism team; and KJ Graham and Kevin Mroczka – Sports and Entertainment Marketing team. Second place honors went to Bridget Hannon for Human Resources Management and Kiera Mroczcka for Quick Serve Restaurant Management. The third place winners included Shelby Kowalewsky – Human Resources Management; Brady Winter –Automotive Services Marketing; and Emily Haberman ¬– Principles of Finance.

The following Babylon students also took home awards: Riley Altman, Kate Ficken, Jessica Greene, Maggie Hannon, Greg Herbst, Aemen Iqbal, John King, Emily Love, Lindsay MacQuarrie, Brendan McLellan, Phil Molnar, Dylan Roche, Catherine Shaw, Drew Sheriff and Jameson Howard (team) and Josh Whitlock.