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Personal Safety & Reporting

The Babylon School District has received a series of reports relating to current and former staff members. The reports are being fully investigated. The Babylon School District is working with law enforcement, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, and the New York State Department of Education and assures the district’s full cooperation with any, and all, investigations they undertake.

In addition, the district has been in contact with Laura Ahearn of the Crime Victims Center, to provide direct services to victims and to provide additional training to the Babylon School District staff and students.

District-Wide Safety & Emergency Management Plan (approved for 2023-2024)

Let’s Talk: Report Bullying/Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Physical Or Sexual Abuse, A Crime, Or Violation Of Adult-Student Fraternization

Community Update on Advocacy Efforts - May 9, 2022

District Updates on Reporting and Social/Emotional Well Being - April 26, 2022 

The Crime Victim's 24-Hour Hotline Numbers

  • Rape Crisis Center: 631-332-9234
  • Violent Crimes & Hate Crimes: 631-626-3156

Sex Offender Registry Search

To Register & Receive Email Alerts of Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood

Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting

Suffolk County 2022 Directory of Behavior Health Services and Supports

District Policies Pertaining to Personal Safety & Reporting

List of Mental Health Supports: A Community Resource Guide

Who Do I Call if I Have a Question?


District Correspondence File Cabinet