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All School Musical

Advisor: Eddie Storey


Meeting Dates: Every day after school during the course of the production

Meeting Day/Time: Monday through Friday from 2:30 to no later than 6:00, depending on the schedule. Two Saturday rehearsals from 10 to 3. Pit rehearsals run in the evenings once a week and more frequency as the show approaches. Tech week for all... rehearsals run from 2:30 until approximately 9.

Location: Rowe Hall

Number of Club Members:  50 students


Students are given the opportunity to explore the world of the Broadway Musical. Open auditions invite all seventh through twelfth graders interested in singing, dancing, and acting to try out. For those not interested in performing, students may also join one of the behind-the-scene crews for authentic production experience. Come participate in this much awaited community event!

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