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Office of the Superintendent of Schools



March 2019

Dear Students, Families and Community Members,

Recently all residents received their personal copy of our winter newsletter Babylon Highlights.  The winter edition digs deep into the District’s S.M.A.R.T. goal of Second Language Program Expansion, K-12.  The district is very happy to see this initiative taking shape at all levels as learning a new language at the youngest of ages prepares our future graduates to think globally. 

Second language instruction deepens a person’s understanding and appreciation for the rich and varied cultures that connect people from around the world to one another, and undoubtedly opens doors in today’s professional world.   It’s also exciting to delve into the scientific research on the brain and the positive effects from second language exposure, particularly when children are very young.  Research suggests that learning a second language when young promotes higher-order thinking skills and expression, often shaping proficiency in other rigorous content areas.  Second language instruction also exposes children to different traditions, cuisines and cultures that may later pique their interest to travel and experience firsthand new places around the globe.      

I hope you enjoy this recent publication detailing the landscape of foreign language instruction within our school system, as well as reading the direct quotes taken from students of all ages throughout the District. In the meantime, we continue to prepare a proposed 2019/2020 school district budget that continues to enrich and celebrate children!  Happy spring!

Sincerely yours, 
Mrs. Linda J. Rozzi 
Superintendent of Schools



A Welcome Video from Babylon Superintendent of Schools, Linda J. Rozzi

Thursday, July 18, 2019