Into the Woods Comes to Babylon

One of the most beloved musicals of all time is coming to Rowe Hall. From March 4-6, theater students will perform Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s “Into the Woods,” a retelling, expansion, and intertwining of your favorite classic fairytales. Combining witty lyrics, humor, and themes both adults and children can relate to, this musical will fulfill everyone's expectations. Songs include Broadway standards such as “Children Will Listen” and “No One Is Alone.”

Come one, come all to see “Into the Woods” in Rowe Hall on Friday, March 4th at 7 p.m., Saturday, March 5th at 7 p.m., or Sunday, March 6th at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens. We hope to see you there!

Paving the Way for Future Engineers

Thirty-two Junior-Senior High School students in the College Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Design & Draw classes in the technology department visited Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (GPI) in Babylon on Jan. 27 to learn about the future of engineering and different career pathways available in the field.

Students learned about cutting edge technologies available and were able to put their engineering skills to work in a group project. GPI representatives spoke about civil engineering, landscape design and architecture, traffic engineering and other specialized fields in their presentations.

Top Honors for DECA Students

Babylon students performed exceptionally well at the 2016 Suffolk County Distributive Education Club of America (DECA) Regional Competition at Suffolk County Community College on Jan. 6.

First-place winners were Maggie Higgins in Visual Advertising, Michael Logan and Jack Corcoran in Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making, and Carley Daniele in Broadcast Advertising.

Babylon DECA students competed against more than 4,000 high school students from throughout Suffolk County.

DECA students continue to apply the concepts learned in their business classes in their DECA events. Teachers Andrew Marulis and Claire Reilly are the co-advisors of the Babylon chapter of this national organization.

Celebrating Diversity at Babylon Elementary

Babylon Elementary is celebrating diversity throughout the month of January. Activities during the month included a visit by photojournalist and world traveler Mike Harrold, a Unique Day where students expressed their creativity and pajama day. Students throughout the school have also participated in different writing assignments tied into the theme.

During the last week of January, parent volunteers visited the elementary school to read the morning announcements in different languages. In the afternoon, Junior-Senior High School students read portions of “Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud over the public announcement system. Starting with Spanish on Monday, the foreign language students also read in French, Turkish, Korean and finished the week with American Sign Language, which was videotaped to play for students.

Showing Off Spelling Talent

Junior-Senior High School students cheered on 11 fellow classmates as they took part in this year’s school spelling bee in the library on Jan. 13.

Having successfully completed their classroom bee, the seventh- and eighth-graders navigated challenging words derived from various countries and time periods as they worked to be named school champion. This year’s event went several rounds, before eighth-grader Anna Romero was named the winner after correctly spelling the word “insouciance.” Seventh-grader Allie Van Rossem was named runner-up.

Anna will compete against other school winners at the Long Island regional spelling bee at Hofstra University in March.

Diversity Top of Mind at Babylon Elementary

Photojournalist Mike Harrold visited Babylon Elementary on Jan. 13 and shared a multimedia presentation that showcased his journeys to the faraway lands. Tying with the school’s theme of diversity in January, Mr. Harrold highlighted his many trips, promoting multi-cultural awareness and respect while showing the similarities between cultures all around the world.  
“Mike Harrold is an exceptional cultural artist, photographer and world traveler,” said Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi. “His presentations always engage students and more importantly, encourage youngsters to respect one another’s differences.”

Mr. Harrold also shared his adventures to the large cities and small villages of Africa, China, and India. After the group presentation, each class visited Mr. Harrold in the library for a smaller setting throughout the day, where they were allowed to closely examine some of the artifacts from his many trips abroad.  

HS Students Learn Forensics

Junior-Senior High School students from Melissa Callahan’s Syracuse Forensic Science class visited Stony Brook University’s Biotechnology Lab on Jan. 5. Students used gel electrophoresis technology to analyze DNA from a crime scene and several victims to solve a mock criminal investigation.

In addition to DNA fingerprinting, students worked collaboratively to analyze microscopic particulates, shoe prints, chromatography of inks and latent fingerprints to successfully convict the correct suspect.  

Sharing Their Love of Reading

Second-graders in Marie Poelker’s class at Babylon Elementary started a new tradition this year called the Holiday Share. Parents were invited into the classroom to read their favorite children’s book to their child and in turn, the children read their favorite book to their parent. Afterwards, the students serenaded their parents with “The Gingerbread Man” song. It was a wonderful way to share a reading experience between parents and students.

Business Honor Society

Twenty-four students were inducted into the Babylon Chapter of the New York State Business Honor Society on Dec. 21. These students have excelled in their business classes as well as in all of their academics and have also contributed many hours to community service activities. Mrs. Reilly, Mr. Marulis and Principal Al Cirone and Assistant Principal Matthew Ryan also recognized the students.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016