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Babylon Village Youth Corps (BVYC)

"The goal of the Babylon Village Youth Corps is to promote an awareness and appreciation of the many aspects of life in Babylon Village through education and volunteerism. It is our hope that this knowledge will encourage our youth to be lifetime contributors to their community and society."

If you are an individual or organization who needs the help of the Babylon Village Youth Corps, please call the Mayor's office at 669-1212 or email at You will get the help you need and assist in fostering community involvement and awareness for our youth.

Committee Members:
Ralph Scordino, Mayor
Eileen Berry, Trish Fudim, Pam Monaco, Irene Morris, Ro Sasso, Suzanne Schettino, Linda Scordino, Donna Steffanetta, Suzanne Vella

A letter from the Mayor
Thursday, August 06, 2020