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Gobbling with Gratitude

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Babylon Memorial Grade School recently participated in a recess activity in which they completed the prompt, “At BMGS I’m grateful for…” On a paper “turkey feather,” each student wrote the name of one teacher or staff member they are grateful for and explained why. Many students expressed their gratitude for the hard work and dedication that teachers and staff members have shown this year to ensure that school is safe. All of these “feathers” were used to create vibrant “gratitude turkeys,” which were displayed in the school’s main hallway.

United Against Bullying

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The Babylon Memorial Grade School community recently celebrated Unity Day, which was designed by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion as part of National Bullying Prevention Month. Unity Day programming at BMGS included class visitations on antibullying topics as well as a schoolwide activity in which students decorated paper sneakers with ways they can “stand up, stand strong, and stand together” against bullying. The sneakers were then displayed in the school’s main hallway for all to see. Students and staff were also encouraged to wear sneakers and the color orange to symbolize that they are a united front against bullying.

Babylon Brothers and a Broom

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Babylon Union Free School District congratulates brothers Sean and Kyle Griffin from the district, who were featured on the cover of the national Scholastic News Magazine back in April. The boys were pictured taking part in the “broomstick challenge” that became popular in the spring, in which people throughout social media tried their luck at getting a broom to stay balanced when stood upright.

Outdoor Fitness and Fun

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This fall season, students throughout Babylon Union Free School District have several opportunities to enjoy the outdoors each week.
In addition to the outdoor lessons that many teachers are implementing into their class curriculum, students participate in physical education classes on the schools’ athletic fields, engaging in a variety of contactless sports and fitness activities. At both Babylon Elementary School and Babylon Memorial Grade School, colorful shapes and images have also been painted on the blacktop to guide the students through active play during recess time.

Monday, November 23, 2020