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Hands-on History Lesson

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The French Revolution was the central topic for a recent interdisciplinary lesson that joined together Babylon High School’s French 3 class, taught by Melissa Anderson, and the global studies class, taught by Paul Venezia. To help enhance the students’ understanding of the event, the classes used their collective knowledge to simulate several aspects of that historic period of time.

Students were divided into estates, the same way that the French people divided preceding the revolution. Each was assigned a role and given instructions on creating a tapestry for each group. The students were also required to purchase supplies using tickets from the king and the queen, played by students. The number of tickets that each student was given varied, depending on which estate he or she belonged to.

In coming weeks, the students will reconvene to hear tax laws proclaimed by the royals while the estates will have the arduous task of deciding what taxes to pay, what members to feed, and whether or not to sit by quietly or allow their revolutionary ideas to simmer.

Saturday, January 18, 2020