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Celebrating with Thanks and Giving

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Turkeys, Pilgrims and Native Americans were the subject of many classroom discussions at Babylon Elementary School this November. From history lessons about the first Thanksgiving to discussions on the importance of community service, the students learned about the meaning behind the holiday.

During the month, students and staff worked to make this Thanksgiving a bright one for others by contributing to the school’s annual food drive. As a result of the building’s overwhelming generosity, several boxes were filled to the brim with nonperishable breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The collected donations were packaged and delivered to several local families in need just before the holiday.
The school’s second-grade students helped kick off the holiday weekend with their traditional Thanksgiving Feast. Prior to the event, the students put their creative skills to the test and fashioned Pilgrim and Native American hats and shirts from paper. They wore these artistic pieces as they proudly marched into the cafeteria, where they sang a few songs, including a piece they called “The 12 Days of Thanksgiving,” and enjoyed a healthy feast.

Thursday, June 04, 2020