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Celebrating Differences During PARP

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Throughout the PARP and Read-a-Thon programs, Babylon Memorial Grade School students teamed up to read hundreds of minutes and worked to develop lifelong reading habits. The programs, which were coordinated by the school’s PTA and under the leadership of Mike Tricker, ran for four weeks and followed the theme “The Olympics – Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

At the start of the program, the school discussed the meaning of the Sochi quilt – namely how it was a symbol of the different regions, cultures and traditions of the hosting country. Throughout PARP, students completed reading based on various themes related to the Olympics and answered several questions regarding their passages. These responses were displayed on a school version of the Sochi quilt. Embracing this notion of diversity and capturing the importance of reading, Lisa Lang’s third-grade class created their own PARP quilt with the help of class mom Danielle Paisley, which depicted the students various reading interests and photos of them reading.

At the end of the program, the hours each student read during PARP as well as the Read-a-Thon were tallied and grade-level winners were announced. Ms. Lang’s class swept the third grade, earning gold medal honors for their participation in both the Read-a-Thon and PARP as well as for meeting the reading goal set by the grade level. Additional commendation went to Danielle Vedder’s sixth-grade class for their 99 percent participation in the Read-a-Thon and for surpassing their grade level’s reading goal. Based on the schoolwide results, the sixth grade was named the gold medal winner for the Read-a-Thon, fifth grade for PARP participation, third grade for their combined participation as well as for meeting the grade level’s reading goal.
Saturday, January 18, 2020