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Perfect Artistic Portfolios

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The artistic works of 21 Babylon Memorial Grade School and Junior Senior High School students was showcased and honored at this year’s NYSATA portfolio day. During this competitive contest, each Babylon student received the highest rating of “distinguished” and will have one of their pieces displayed at the in the NYSATA region 10 art show at Dowling College in the Anthony Giordano Gallery.    

For their entrance into the program, each student had to submit a portfolio of their original pieces. For the elementary and middle levels (junior high), the students created five pieces. For commencement (studio 1 or 2), they created six. For elective (studio 3 or 4), they created seven, and for major sequence (studio 4 or 5), they created eight pieces, which included a concentration. All students also had to write an artist statement and a written critical analysis on one of their pieces. During the program, they spoke to a judge about their artwork and then received a rating on the whole portfolio. The students have worked on the project since January and have been attending weekly art club meetings as well as monthly night meetings.

The district congratulates this year’s talented artists:

Ece Bapcum, grade 9
Shannon Brushett, grade 12
Victoria Buonagura, grade 10
Hannah Bushery, grade 6
Erin Corcoran, grade 6
Amanda Crowley, grade 11
Suzan Gee, grade 12
Felicia Giaramita, grade 6
Emily Guerra, grade 10
Jack Hoffman, grade 6
Christina Krisberg, grade 10
Brendan Laing, grade 11
Sarah McLean, grade 10
Chandler McMillan, grade 10
Kyle Mees, grade 6
Drew O’Connor, grade 9
Bridgett Rohl, grade 11
Anna Romero, grade 6
Paula Romero, grade 8
Sarah Valencia, grade 10
Paige Wolny, grade 11
Sunday, February 23, 2020