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Social Studies Lesson Becomes Work of Art

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Fifth-graders at Memorial Grade School were recently challenged with taking what they had learned in their social studies lesson and transforming it into art.
Students in Lisa Necroto’s class spent the last month learning about their Underground Railroad as part of their fifth-grade social studies curriculum. After studying the different people involved and how they overcame many obstacles, the students were tasked with making their own Freedom Quilt.
The class researched designs from old quilts and also read “Sweet Clara’s Freedom Quilt” to get inspiration for their own patches. The fifth-graders choose one element from that period of time and designed a square piece of a quilt using felt and glue.   

Memorial Grade School art teacher Pat Stork worked with the class in their designs, which ranged from the North Star, depictions of Harriet Tubman and Joe “Pegleg” Morgan to the Bear Claw and Monkey Wrench symbols. Stork took the squares and sewed them together to form their own Freedom Quilt, which will hang outside the school’s cafeteria.

Saturday, January 18, 2020