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Creating Art Through Recycling

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Mrs. Stork's art classes at Babylon Elementary School are working hard on building an eight-foot-tall mural made of recycled bottle caps, as part of a lesson on the pointillist technique used by artists such as Georges Seurat.
In pointillism, an artist uses strategically repeated, tiny, contrasting dots and color spots to create a work of art, rather than a more traditional impressionist approach. As an example, Mrs. Stork showed the students an image of Seurat's famous pointillist painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, before work started on the mural.
Stork said she wanted to create a pointillist rendering of the Fire Island Lighthouse because of its iconic nature. "When people think of Fire Island and Babylon, they think of the lighthouse," Stork explained. "Almost everyone in the whole entire school knows it. It's an icon of Babylon.” She added, “A lot of people live at the beach right near it. The main things you would associate with the town are either the train station or the lighthouse."
Teaching students the importance of recycling is another key component to the project, according to Mrs. Stork. "It's one thing to take stuff, sort it, and not do anything else with it, but we're taking stuff that you would normally throw away. We then sort it and make something else out of it.”
Friday, April 03, 2020