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Babylon Grade School Students Celebrate Black History Month

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Babylon Grade School is participating in the "One School, One Book" program to celebrate Black History Month this February.
Each student at the grade school level will read Wilma Unlimited, a book that explores themes of overcoming obstacles, embracing diversity, and having tolerance for others. The book focuses on the true life story of Wilma Rudolph, an African-American woman who overcame social and physical obstacles in the early 1960s to represent the United States in the Olympic Games.
The "One School, One Book" program, which was designed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community, has inspired Babylon students to read both in and out of the classroom, while helping them learn the importance of Black History Month.  
"In honor of Black History Month and as part of our character education program, all of our classes will be reading Wilma Unlimited, which is a story about diversity and perseverance," said Babylon Grade School Principal Randee Bonagura. "Students will have the opportunity to learn how people overcame obstacles, and how those triumphs can apply to their lives today."
Thursday, June 04, 2020