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Keeping Parents Informed

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In an effort to ensure that parents of the school community are well-versed in the tools and resources geared toward encouraging students to make healthy lifestyle and technology choices, the Babylon School District recently hosted two separate “Parent Universities” on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.

District parents with students in grades K-6 joined Theresa DePietto-Roesler on Jan. 31 for an “Allergy Awareness and Prevention: Tips for Parents” keynote address. During her speech, Ms. DePietto-Roesler provided basic allergy awareness and prevention tips to ensure healthy school and classroom-based environments.  Immediately following, Jennifer H. Dellafranca and Chelsea Gross, led a discussion for parents about mindfulness and the astounding benefits a mindfulness practice has on a child's cognitive and social-emotional growth. Workshops focused on the use of social media, the literacy curriculum and at-home problem-solving skills concluded the evening.

Geared toward parents with children at the secondary level, the Feb. 1 program kicked off with a presentation about the dangers and consequences of social media usage. Suffolk County Police Department Detective Daniel Fandrey of the Computer Crimes Unit and the Long Island Crime Against Children Task Force, is an expert in the field of internet and computer crimes. He informed parents about the laws regarding photos posted and shared, inappropriate texting and cyberbullying. Additionally, he spoke about the various social media apps that are a cause of concern for student/child safety and tips to deal with bullying.

Following Fandrey’s informative lecture, parents were invited to take part in a series of workshops to further enhance their understanding of internet safety and the usage of online tools accessible from home. 

Saturday, January 18, 2020