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Musical Magnificence

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Several student-musicians from Babylon Memorial Grade School and Babylon Junior-Senior High School were selected to participate in this year’s Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association’s All-County Music Festival based on their superior musical talents and a recommendation from their teachers.  

Division I students included Talia Baker (orchestra), Lucas Bridges (orchestra), Lucy Carnese (chorus), Jamisyn Cerny (chorus), Anna Dempsey (chorus), Maeve Graham (chorus), Emily Hoberman (band), Isabelle Sanchez (chorus), Alyssa Silvestri (chorus), Zachary Smith (band) and Sara Womack (orchestra).

Division II students included Maya Knyper (chorus), Aidan Marrone (chorus), Sachi Onishi (orchestra) and Thomas Orifici (orchestra).

Division III students included Allison Fama (chorus), Julia Horvath (chorus), 
Michelle Makowski (chorus), Stephanie McSweeney (chorus), Matthew Minicozzi (orchestra), Anna Romero (chorus), Ethan Schubart (orchestra) and Dominic Trivigno (chorus). 
Sunday, February 23, 2020