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Babylon Elementary Hosts Flag Day Ceremony

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Babylon Elementary School held its fifth annual Flag Day celebration on June 13, in honor of our nation's brave servicemen and women who fight for our freedom on a daily basis.
Over 200 parents, teachers, students and military veterans were in attendance for the ceremony, which included a special welcome and "folding of the flag" conducted by U.S. Army Reserves Chaplain Colonel F. Midura and Ensign Taylor Reynolds, a recent graduate of the Babylon School District.
 Babylon Elementary School Principal Dana Basile reminded the students that the reason they are here today and able to enjoy many of their daily freedoms is due to the brave efforts put forth by our military veterans. "We are proud to honor those who have served our country," she said. "Our students and parents appreciated the many veterans and servicemen and women who attended the ceremony."

Sunday, February 23, 2020