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Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

Mission Statement:

The Babylon Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame honors alumni whose deeds and character exemplify outstanding achievement in their life’s work and/or service to their communities.  Recipients of this honor will stand as shining examples of Babylon graduates.


It is our hope that today’s students and future graduates see those chosen as Distinguished Alumni as people who inspire and those they choose to emulate.  A committee comprised of Babylon residents, students, faculty and administration selects inductees from nominations submitted by members of the community each year.


“Distinguished Alumni” are to be selected each summer and recognized at an annual induction ceremony every fall.  The annual induction takes place on Homecoming Weekend.

Congratulations to our prior Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • Ernest Busch
  • Danial Deacon
  • Rick Klein
  • David Lovalvo
  • Sheldon Salzman
  • Sgt. Mattew Caruso
  • Gilbert Hanse
  • Jane Lappin
  • Thomas Melito
  • Ralph Scordino
  • Marshall Coid
  • Gerard Izzo
  • Dr. Cheryl Taylor Lee
  • Robert Norman
  • Mary Shaprio

Nomination Form

Please click on the link below to nominate someone for the Babylon Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.


Nomination Form