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Megan's Law

Megan’s Law in New York State (NYS) is a crucial legal framework designed to enhance community safety by providing information about registered sex offenders. 

New York State Sex Offender Registry:

  • The New York Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) maintains the Sex Offender Registry.
  • This registry offers information to the public, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and other entities about individuals required to register as sex offenders in New York.
  • The Sex Offender Registration Act (commonly referred to as Megan’s Law) outlines the registration process, risk levels, and obligations for registered individuals.

Risk Levels:

  • Registered sex offenders are categorized into three risk levels:
  • Level 1: Low risk of re-offense.
  • Level 2: Medium risk of re-offense.
  • Level 3: High risk of re-offense.

A judge determines an offender’s risk level after a court hearing.
The type of information available to the public depends on the risk level assigned to the individual.

Public Access to Information:

  • DCJS maintains an online directory of individuals with Level 2 or 3 risk of re-offense.
  • Members of the public can search this directory to find information about these offenders.
  • Additionally, individuals can register with NY-ALERT to receive notifications when a Level 2 or 3 offender listed in the online directory relocates.
  • For Level 1 offenders (low risk), a toll-free telephone number provides limited address information based on zip codes.
  • The public can access details such as residence addresses, current and prior crimes of conviction, photographs (if available), vehicle information, and parole or probation conditions.

Notification to School Districts:

  • Widely known as Megan’s Law, the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act requires local law enforcement to notify school districts about registered sex offenders residing within their boundaries.
  • This notification helps schools take necessary precautions to protect students and staff.

Megan’s Law aims to empower communities with knowledge about sex offenders, fostering safety and awareness. 


Sex Offenders Registry Information

Parents for Megan’s Law



In order to provide residents with information concerning convicted sex offenders who are living or working within the boundaries of the Babylon School District, the district takes advantage of a no-cost sex offender alert notification program.

The service allows subscribers to be informed of any sex offender notifications, not just offenders residing within school boundaries, but also those implemented within Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Participation in this service offers a more timely notification of these incidents at no cost to residents and prevents educational resources from being used on costly mailings to inform community members. Through this program, offered by Parents For Megan’s Law (PFML – link above), registered subscribers will receive an email informing them of any new sex offender’s presence and direct them to a website where they can access a full copy of the notification.